The Great GatheringThe Great Gathering
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To celebrate Mallard achieving the world record for a steam locomotive of 126mph on 3rd July 1938 a series of event were held. All six surviving A4 class locomotives were gathered together including one from America and one from Canada. In October 2013 all six were together at National Railway Museum York around the turntable. For an event called the Great Gathering
60007 The Great Gathering60007 Sir Nigel Gresley60008 Dwight D Eisenhower60009 Union of South AfricaA4 4464 BitternLNER 4468 Mallard4489 Dominion of CanadaThe Great GatheringLNER A4's 4464, 4468 & 4489BR A4's 60007, 60008 & 60009A4 60007 Sir Nigel Gresley & 60008 Dwight D EisenhowerA4 60009 Union of South Africa & (60010) 4489 Dominion of CanadaMallard 75 The Great GatheringMallard 756 A4's The Great GatheringA4 60007 Sir Nigel GresleySix LNER A4 locomotives in National Railway Museum the former York North RoundhouseDominion of Canada60009 Union of South Africa Springbok60008 Works Plate

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