DNC PHOTOGRAPHY | Lightning Preservation Group Double Reheat Twilight Run 9th November 2015
XR713 in the afternoon sunXR713 in the afternoon sunDouble Reheat Twilight Run
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Double Reheat Twilight Run
Lightning Preservation Group Bruntingthorpe Aerodrome 7th November 2015
Lightning F6 XS904 & XR728 performed reheats and runs whilst F3 XR713 was posed inside and outside the former RAF Wattisham Q Shed
XR713 in the afternoon sunXR728 prepared to engine startEngines running prepare to taxiXS904 & XR728 Taxi out onto the runwayReady for take offXS904 Wait to start its runReheatReheat run startsTwilight reheat runTwilight RunXS904 & XR728 Taxi along the runwayF3 XR713 outside Q ShedF6 XR728XR713 in Q shedQ ShedXS904 in the Q ShedLightning F3 XR713F3 XR713 inside Q ShedXR728 Being prepared for engine startF3 XR713 posed outside Q Shed

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